Final Pitch

For my final project I will be creating a webtoon where I write, draw, and then even animate my drawings. My plan was to create a webtoon with some that are still drawings, a few that I edit into cinemagraphs, a few gifs, and then even a few stop motion animation (old fashioned animation!). My…Continue reading Final Pitch


The idea I had behind this project was to show how I view all the colors of the rainbow, since I have synesthesia. I asked my friends to voice each color (each friend voicing the color that they are to me) and then adding music and other noises to represent what I hear when I…Continue reading Soundwalk


Jason Salavon is a contemporary artist that focuses on using software to manipulate and re-imagine media that already exists, highlighting the works or pieces in ways that reveal something new about them, usually pieces of visual art. Not only does he use software to manipulate these forms of media, but he has created his own…Continue reading Salavon


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is a Canadian-Mexican artist, specifically an electronic artist, an artist that creates art with electronic media, or more broadly, with technology. With a degree in physical chemistry (good on him), Lozano-Hemmer creates technological installation pieces, where he is often interested in participation from the public. His installations combine both architecture and performance art,…Continue reading Lozano-Hemmer


Maria Chavez is a Peruvian sound artist, best known for her work with sound installations and turn tables. Although primarily known for her work as a sound artist, she also creates pieces with multiple forms of media, including performance and visual objects. She plays all over the world, and is in short, a renowned DJ.…Continue reading Chavez