Christian Marclay is an artist and composer who works primarily with sound editing, video production, film, and photography, looking at the juxtapositions and relationships between the different (or same) styles of media. He is best known for his experiments with turntables, composing, preforming and manipulating phonograph records and creating his well-known “theater of found sound”…Continue reading Marclay


Kelli Connell is an artist that is known for her photography, specifically portraits which sometimes appear as though they are self-portraits. She is best known for two series, one being Double Life, which depicts intimate moments of a couple overtime, except that the women within the photograph is the same model. She also created a…Continue reading Connell


I have called this piece “The Moons and The Tides”. I was inspired by a topic we were discussing in my psych class, where one female psychologist, Karen Horney, tried to rationalize the reason for the existence of the patriarchy in societies around the world. One reason she came up with was that men were…Continue reading Collage


Cory Arcangel is an artist who makes work using a wide array of media, including video (such as the manipulation of video games), drawing, music, installation, and performance art. He identifies as many things, including artist, composer, entrepreneur, designer, programmer, and more. He is not limited to one image of himself, but instead plays with…Continue reading Arcangel


Rashaad Newsome is an artist who uses multiple forms of media to communicate messages about culture, power, status symbols, and the perception of these ideas. Originally from Louisiana, Newsome is now based out of of NYC and is best known for his collages and combined use of film, sound design, programming and other digital editing…Continue reading Newsome


I created a logo for my main website, where my focus is writing film reviews. I originally called my film review blog The Technicolor, but ever since having my own domain and therefore also my own name, I’ve renamed the blog as just my regular old name. For my logo I wanted to incorporate my…Continue reading Logo


David McLeod is a digital artist working out of New York City who specializes in typography, CG illustration and animation as well as other forms of digital design. He spends an equal amount of time on still images as well as video pieces, and is quite well-known in the design world, working with big brand…Continue reading McLeod