Final Pitch

For my final project I will be creating a webtoon where I write, draw, and then even animate my drawings. My plan was to create a webtoon with some that are still drawings, a few that I edit into cinemagraphs, a few gifs, and then even a few stop motion animation (old fashioned animation!).

Image result for animated cinemagraph

My idea for the story line will be something simple as the process of creating, drawing, and then editing the drawings will be complex enough. I was thinking of doing a cute, simple story about a naughty cat, perhaps written after my cat in real life. Something simple, but something that I can still add a lot of effort and planning into to create something cool.

Image result for cartoon cat gif

The process would start with coming up with a few plot lines, and doing some preliminary sketches. Then I would draw the final drawings on a digital drawing pad, and edit them in Photoshop. Then, I’ll draw the extra scenes for the cinemagraphs, as well as the other gifs, and draw out each scene so that I can edit it as a simple stop-motion animation.

I hope this works!

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