Final Project

For my final project, I created a comic about my mean cat, named Pepper. Even though she is quite horrible, I do in fact find her inspiring, so I decided I would use her as my muse for my final project. One of my favorite projects from this semester was creating gifs and cinemagraphs, so I wondered if I would be able to create a comic where every picture was either or.

Storyboarding Potential Idea

My plan was simple. I came up with two ideas of stories related to my cat, and storyboarded them out. I would have two comics of four panels each, each panel hand-drawn, as well as either a gif or a cinemagraph. The difference, I would later find, would end up being what looked smoother after working in Photoshop.

I would then draw two pictures for each panel using my iPad and and Apple pencil, planning on creating a corresponding cinemagraph or gif that looped between those two images. This turned out to be the bulk of my time, as hand-drawing this friggin cat (and her massive stomach) took longer than expected. Some of the drawings did not even make the final cut.

After I drew them all, I emailed them to myself and uploaded the two images to Bridge and then of course Photoshop. In Photoshop, I either masked the images, or looked at how good the images looped on their own before editing (usually fixing the edges of the drawings, as they often did not quite line up). After I did this, I would export the gifs, to publish here.

Screenshot of the Photoshop process

Please enjoy the finished product:

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